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Featured Artist
In October of 2013, Courtney quit her full time job as a Speech-Language pathologist, and with no plan in sight, she turned to painting to fill her time. She had enjoyed painting her whole life, but had put this aside while getting her Master’s degree, so when she began again, she was hooked. Once she decided to quit corporate America and follow her dreams, she quickly gained a following, began exhibiting in many galleries and top festivals, and knew she was on the right path. Fast forward four and a half years, and you’ll see her work all over South Florida! Just drive around Wynwood and you’ll see her painted parking meters; drive around Downtown Miami and see her art wrapped around pillars; drive around South Miami and see her huge mural at Sunset Place; and while you’re doing all this driving, you might be lucky enough to be driving next to her own Miami Dade County bus, featuring her work on the exterior of the bus.

You can also find Courtney’s artwork in hospitals, schools (including Alonzo Mourning’s Youth Center), store fronts, restaurants, adult coloring books, on merchandise, furniture, construction equipment, and even on beer cans!
Courtney has collaborated with and created art for well known companies and events, such as Cirque Du Soleil, Best Buy, Dyson, Art Basel, Miami Swim Week, South Beach Model Volleyball, Sunfest, Allergan, The Miami Heat, The Miami FC, Baptist Children’s Hospital, The Miami Marine Stadium, J.Crew, Pitbull’s New Years Eve Concert, Trident gum, and Rimmel London.
Although Courtney does a lot of private commission work, she is well known for her live paintings, where she is hired to paint during events in front of huge crowds. This is what really excites her!
Having been born and raised in Miami, Courtney is strongly influenced by the city’s vibrant colors, which shines through in her pop art and abstract paintings. Courtney’s purpose in her creations is to elicit an uplifting energy from the viewer. People often tell her that her artwork makes them feel good and happy, which is the exact response she’s looking for.
She is also a strong believer in giving back to the community. Courtney has generously donated paintings to The American Heart Association, Project: New Born, Baptist’s Children’s Hospital, Children’s Resource Fund, The Family Resource Center, The Special Olympics, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, Miami Children’s Museum, among many others.
You can learn more on her website or Instagram @courtneyeinhorn. And if you’re looking for your own piece to complete your home or office, or even for a mural, you can contact her directly at